NCM Videos

Developing Lifelong Disciplemakers

Here are two fresh videos to both encourage you in your disciplemaking ministry as well as help you see how others are using such NCM resurces as The 2:7 Series® and The Ways of the Alongsider in developing generational disciples.
Diane’s Story: Ohio (Matthew 28:19-20)
Meet Diane, a disciplemaker from Ohio who is passing on the vision for discipleship to women in her church. She comes alongside others to help them develop a deeper relationship with God and learn that discipleship is more than a program, it’s a way of life.
Through Diane, Usekey has discovered, “As God’s children, discipleship is who we are.” As God has begun to use Usekey to reach others she has found the missing piece in her spiritual life.
Diane is also spending time with Ann, who is now discipling her daughter and praying for someone else to disciple. These stories show the power one person has to impact a church’s culture, one person at a time.
Pastor Cliff’s Story: New York (Acts 1:8)
This video features Cliff, a pastor in the New York City neighborhood where he grew up. He expresses his gratitude for how NCM is helping him to infuse discipleship “in the DNA” of his church.
Discover how God is changing the church’s culture through The Ways of the Alongsider.

Also meet youth leader, Mark, and Jared, a member of the congregation, who are passing on the vision for generational disciplemaking to young people in the church.