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Making Disciples Who Make Disciples

In early church times "the disciples were increasing in numbers by leaps and bounds" (Acts 6:1, MSG). It's still happening today—through the Church Ministries Mission of The Navigators.

Click here to download our "leaps and bounds" brochure that describes how God is using Church Ministries toward that end. And click here to see an inspiring video that well illustrates our mission: Partnering with church leaders and laborers to develop generations of disciples in everyday life—where they live, work, and play. 

In a nutshell, we are a nationwide team of some 125 Navigator Representatives and many more Ministry Partners, coming alongside pastors, church leaders, and passionate disciplemakers (Kingdom laborers) toward accomplishing our vision: Growing disciplemaking people and cultures through churches in every U.S. city to impact our world. We do this through three essential ministry thrusts, all in the context of life-to-life resourcing:

Growing Intentional Disciplemaking Cultures . . . We help pastors and church leaders move disciplemaking from a ministry of the few to the heart of a church's culture
Life & Leadership Coaching . . . Certified Coaches help leaders and laborers focus on the “Core 4” of Life Plan, Ministry Vision, Ministry Plan, and Priority Management
Kingdom Laborers/Disciplemakers . . . In the spirit of Jesus’ compassionate call to pray for “laborers in the harvest,” we help establish and equip ministry workers for exponential Kingdom impact

Here's what people say about the Church Ministries of The Navigators:

I love the mission of Navigators Church Ministries. How could a follower of Christ not like it? Creating intentional disciplemaking communities has always been the heart of Christ for His people. The need has never been greater than today. I highly recommend the Church Ministries team and the process they use to help you make this mission a reality in your church.

—Randy Frazee, Pastor & Author
We have begun creating a process of discipleship at the church and have reorganized our leadership accordingly. Several intimate discipleship groups are meeting and lives are being changed for Christ . . . one at a time!
—Jen Howat, Pastor
Navigators have provided us with biblically based, time-tested leadership and coaching to help our 100 years "young" Lutheran Church become a disciplemaking church. These are exciting days for us. Just as Christ intends for His Church!
—Daniel M. Powell, Pastor

Our church has worked fruitfully with Bill [our Navigator coach] for about two and a half years. I have particularly appreciated Bill’s insistence that we build a discipleship culture rather than simply offering discipleship programs. We’ve taken a slow, methodical approach but we are seeing results. We now have over 40 people involved in discipleship triads, helping to build a strong discipleship culture.

—Rick Bruesh, Pastor

Dawson Trotman was one of the pioneers of the contemporary discipleship movement. 3DM like other discipling movements stands on the shoulders of giants like him. Navigators have been, in many ways, the spiritual parents of the contemporary discipleship movement and we are honored to partner with them. Working together with Navigators will I believe bring about a great blessing for many churches and a great advance in the kingdom.

—Mike Breen, Global Team Leader, 3D Movements

No group has been more consistent or faithful in promoting discipleship than The Navigators. Their influence surfaces wherever I go in my ministry. They specialize not only in what to do but in how to do it. I urge my students to get next to a Navigator, and they will certainly catch the disease. The secret of the Christian's future is our investment in the present. I am witnessing a profound impact when The Navigators is involved. Discover this for yourself.

—Howard Hendricks, Seminary Professor & Author